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Vaccination drive must stay focused on elderly – British commission

Police, teachers, and members of other professions considered critical will not get to jump to the front of the queue for Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, a British commission decided on Friday, arguing that the doses must be reserved for the most vulnerable.

Britain will stick to its plans to keep the elderly as the main priority group for vaccines as they are most at risk during the pandemic, said the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

It added that models show that the current vaccination plan has the best chance of making the biggest dent in the virus’ spread and preventing illness and death.

Pulling people from certain professions to the front of the line would complicate and slow down the campaign and therefore the success of the vaccinations, it said.

The decision is a blow to groups who hoped that vaccinations for people like police officers and teachers would help speed up a return to normal for British society.

Britain’s first vaccination phase has focused on anyone older than 50 as well as those with health problems that put them at risk for COVID-19.

The plan is that everyone in this group will be vaccinated by mid-April.

After that, the programme will open up to those over 40, and then to the rest of British society.

So far, about 18.7 million people have received the first vaccine dose in Britain.

About 700,000 have received a second dose that is necessary for immunity.

Britain is one of the best performing countries worldwide in terms of vaccine delivery. (dpa/NAN)

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