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Friday, October 22, 2021

US, EU condemn Yemen’s Houthi rebels over attacks

The United States, Germany, France, Italy and Britain in a joint statement on Thursday condemned Yemen’s Houthi rebels for their continued attacks.

Yemen has been roiled by a devastating power struggle between a Saudi-backed government and the Iran-aligned Houthis since late 2014.

Washington and the group of European nations pointed to the offensive initiated by the rebels last month to capture Yemen’s energy-rich province of Ma’rib from the government forces.

“Their determined attack on Ma’rib is worsening an already dire humanitarian crisis,’’ they said.

In recent weeks, Saudi Arabia has been the target of increasing drone and missile attacks by the Houthis.

The Saudi-led coalition mounted a series of strikes on the rebel-held Yemeni capital Sana’a on Sunday after intercepting Houthi drones and missiles.

The Houthis later said they had attacked a Saudi oil facility.

“Our renewed diplomatic efforts to end the Yemen conflict, offered the best hope for ending this war.

“We urge the Houthis to seize this opportunity for peace and end the ongoing escalation,’’ the statement added.

The rebels control vast swathes of northern Yemen and areas in which some 70 per cent of the population live.

The conflict of more than six years in Yemen has pushed the impoverished country to the brink of famine and wrecked its health facilities.

The United Nations has described Yemen as the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. (dpa/NAN)

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