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Sri Lanka police arrest ‘exorcist’ after child killed in ritual

A woman in Sri Lanka who caned a nine-year-old girl claiming it would drive out evil spirits has been arrested after the child died of the injuries caused, police said Monday.

The woman claiming to have specialised in witchcraft had promised to rid the girl from Biyagama, 33 km east of Colombo, of evil spirits.

She beat the girl at different times on three consecutive days, police said further.

The victim’s mother has been arrested for helping the woman who performed the witchcraft.

The child died Sunday due to damage to her internal organs, hospital sources said.

Police found that at least five canes used in the assault had broken due to the consistent use of them.

The use of witchcraft continues in Sri Lanka as people believe it may provide relief from various ailments or help solve family disputes or land and financial issues.(dpa/NAN)

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