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Pakistan plane crashes, killing 98 people, two survive

Zafa Masood, Head of Bank of Punjab
Zafa Masood, Head of Bank of Punjab

A Pakistan International Airlines plane, Airbus A320 flying to Jinnah International Airport carrying 98 people has been reported crashed in Karachi, killing almost everyone on board.

The plane was approaching to land when it crash landed into a crowded neighborhood near the airport. About six houses were reported destroyed by the plane. As at the time of this report, numbers of causalities were not yet ascertained.

The Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that the pilot called that he had lost an engine. He made efforts to have a safe land when the plane crash landed.

Some affected residential buildings (Picture: Courtesy of AFP)

Two passengers were reported survived the crash. One of them is Zafa Masood, who was identified as the head of the Bank of Punjab, India.

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