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IWCC Takes Covid-19 Campaign to Grassroots …No Penalty Too Severe for Rapist – Olojoku

A Kwara based Non-Govermental Organisation, International Women Communication Centre (IWCC) has taken its advocacy campaign against the containment of the novel coronal virus to the people of Kwara State at the grassroot levels.
This is in furtherance of its week long sensitisation campaign against gender based violence and enlightenment toward curbing the spread of CONVID-19 pandemic as the NGO takes its advocacy to the people of Ojooku in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara Stare and Shao in Moro Local Government.
Speaking at the event, President of International Women Communication Centre (IWCC), Dr. Nimotal Goroso, charged the people of Ojoku to rise up against violence against women in their domain and ensure strict adherence to the measures put in place by the government toward curbing the scourge.
She said the incessant increase in rape in the country calls for concern and the earlier women rise against the scourge the better.
Goroso added that the incidence of Covid-19 pandemic across the globe is real and the people at the grassroots shouldn’t compromise or downplay its presence.
“We can curb this virus by adhering to all the laid down precautions as describe by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control. It is by this we can ameliorate the spread of the pandemic in our society. To prevent CONVID-19, we have to embark on adequate information dissemination and cooperation.
“We have to educate our girl and boy child. Economic empowerment, shelter, helplines for women should be considered as essential service,” Goroso stressed.
In the same vein, the Olojoku of Ojoku, His Royal Highness(Oba) Abdulrasaq Adegboyega Afolabi charged the government to proffer a severe penalty to curb the incessant increases in rape cases in Nigeria.
The royal father however proposed castration as a means toward curbing increases in activities of rapists in the country.
“It is pertinent at this time for the government to prescribed castration against women violence.
“There is no penalty that is too severe for violator of women’s rights. And it is high time stringent punishment is enact by the legislature to curb the menace in the society,” Olojoku said.
He however expressed appreciation to the International Women Communication Centre for taking CONVID-19 awareness to his domain.
“Prior now, the people of Ojoku had strictly adhere to all the precautionary measures to curtail the spread of the novel Corona virus.
“With this campaign by IWCC, it would further broadens the awareness among our people and bring about healthy living,” he stressed.
While in Shao, the President of IWCC charged the people of the community on the need to observe all the precautionary measures toward containment of CONVID-19 as laid down by the Presidential Tasks Force (PTF).
“Let us restrict the notions that CONVID-19 doesn’t exist. The pandemic is real. We should ensure proper compliance with the measures to curtail the spread of the virus, ” she said.
Speaking with newsmen shortly after the programme, the wife of Ohoro of Shao, Olori Mary Adegbite, applauded the management of IWCC for bringing the sensitisation to the town as she said most people do not believe that CONVID-19 exists.
“This programme ought to have been brought here prior now. Initially when this scourge stated, most of our people showed a nonchalant attitude towards the pandemic.
“But with this now, they have been well informed and they will take the lesson learnt here today to their various homes, which will go a long way to raise the awareness among our people, ” the Olori concluded.

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