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I”ll facilitate investment to Nigeria-Ambassadorial nominee says

The Ambassadorial nominee for Anambra, Mr Elijah Onyeagba says he will facilitate the coming of foreign investments to the country if his nomination is approved by the Senate.

Onyeagba said this when he appeared for screening before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday at the National Assembly Complex.

The screening exercise was for 41 non-career and one career ambassadorial nominees across the various states of the federation.

While noting that Nigeria’s economy was challenged, Onyeagba said that if he was cleared by the upper chamber, he would attract investment to boost the economy.

“The economy is heavily challenged and the population is struggling to deal with not so good economy.

“For me, the first attraction would be to look at the areas of technology, health and agriculture. It is a call to duty,” he said.

Onyeagba said there was need to diversify the economy and he also commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the ongoing investment in the agricultural sector.

While briefing newsmen after he was screened, Onyeagba said that with his nomination as a young Nigerian, ” I think there is quite a lot that can be done.

“First is that this nomination represents a breath of fresh air, a lot of people look at ambassadorial position as position where you settle the old people just to take them out of the scene.

“So, this is one of the things the younger people will look forward to.

“We remember today as something that gives a beacon of hope because in representation you need energy, you need drive, you need discipline, young need people to begin to see people from the different light.

“Not that the old people haven’t done really very well but I think that sometimes it is good to try the younger ones as they carry a lot of aspirations, hope for the younger ones.”(NAN)

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