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Fracas, Gun Shoots in Presidential Villa

A source from the Presidential Villa on Saturday shed lights on the gun shots  in the villa on Thursday.  You will recall TopSearch Magazine has earlier reported a crisis and gunshots in Aso Rock Villa.

The magazine reliably gathered from an Aso Villa source that the cause of the fracas that resulted to gun shots  in the presidency was  as a result of  a misunderstanding that erupted between the first lady Aisha and Sabiu Yusuf, a nephew to the president who also serves as the Personal Assistant to President Buhari.

The source reported that Sabiu went to see his family in Lagos and returned on Wednesday.  According to the source, the first lady directed Sabiu to self-isolate  for 14 days in compliance with the Covid 19 policy, but the Personal Assistant to the president declined, which resulted to argument on Wednesday. The magazine gathered

Late Thursday, it was reported that Aisha, three of her children and some policemen led by Aisha’s Aide-De-Camp went to challenge Sabiu in the Guest Chalet where he lives on the argument of the previous day  he had with the first lady and declining to go on self-isolation.

About four policemen were reported forcefully entered the chalet  to arrest Sabiu. The PA made his way through the fence to an awaiting car the other side. Possibly, he had the hint of arrest of the first lady before then.  In attempt to escape, unknown to him that some policemen were already on guard surrounding his chalet to prevent his exit. The source reported that he quickly entered a stand by car and the driver was clever enough, as he  pushed away the officer who wanted to struggle the car with him and drove away.

The Villa source said it was at that point the police officers released about three gun shots against Sabiu’s car on motion.

All attempts to get the car stopped by the police officers failed because all the guards at the gates within the villa have closed for the day.

TopSearch Magazine also gathered from the presidency that President Buhari is not disposed to Aisha’s action on the matter.  According to the source, Buhari challenged Aisha that when her children returned from London, why she did not force them on self-isolation?  Therefore, Buhari may be disposed to the arrest and detention of Aisha’s Aide-De-Camp. The source informed the magazine.

It is also reliably gathered that the arrested Aide to the first lady is still in the police custody as at the time of this report. There are several appeals by Aisha on social media to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu to release her  Aide-De-Camp.

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