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Expert Advocates Provision of Budgetary for Health

Nigerians have been charged to cultivate the habit of making budgetary provisions for their healthcare as they make for food, clothes and other luxuries.
The State Deputy Epidemiologist at Kwara State Ministry of Health, Dr Oladayo David Awoyale, gave the charge while delivering a health talk at the monthly meeting of the National League of Veteran Journalists (NALVEJ), Kwara state chapter.
“It’s very important for all age group to pay attention to our health. As we budget for food, clothes, etc, we should also budget for our health,” he stated.
Speaking on the topic “The Importance of Lifestyle Modification in the Management of Hypertension”, Awoyale advised Nigerians to check and monitor their blood pressure regularly.
He said hypertension is an urban disease and disease of the adults, saying that anyone that has reached the age of 40 is susceptible to the disease.
He added that the disease is treatable once sufferers use their drugs regularly as prescribed by their physicians.
Awoyale, however, urged Nigerians to take lifestyle modifications seriously, positing that “for prevention of all diseases, drugs should be second option. Lifestyle modifications should be the first option.”
He said obesity, inactiveness and smoking are some of the risk factors, advising people to observe relaxation, exercise and eat food that are low in fat to stave off hypertension.
He asked them to do away with the old attitudes of, “our forefathers did not use drugs and they lived long”, advising them to embrace orthodox medicines in treating their ailments.
He added that they should do their blood pressure checks in the hospitals as against chemist shops, because of the complications that may arise from the treatment of hypertension.

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