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Czech Republic debates rail safety after 2 train crashes in a week

The Czech Republic is debating increased rail security measures after two train crashes in one week, local media reported on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, one person was killed and dozens injured when a passenger train collided with a freight train near Prague.

“It is very probable the conductor ignored a red halt signal,’’ Czech Transport Minister Karel Havlicek said in an interview with the state broadcaster.

He added that the accident happened on one of the most secure railway lines of the country.

An investigation was launched into why the train did not stop automatically.

Havlicek announced the establishment of a new security commission and added rail personnel to improve safety.

Two people, including one German, were killed during another train collision in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains last week.

The Czech Republic has one of Europe’s densest rail networks, though its infrastructure is regarded as old and in need of renovation.

In the past five weeks, the European rail watchdog Eurail registered 15 rail incidents, out of which 10 occurred in the Czech Republic, including derailments and one collision. (dpa/NAN)

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