About Us

TopSearch Digital Magazine is a “Stand Alone” online weekly magazine publishes by Corporate Image Communications. The story contents are balanced, credible, dependable and timely. The publication is in compliance with the global policy on “Free Flow of Information”.

That is why the readership has unlimited free access to the contents either as a guest or a registered reader. The publication is based on fact findings from the primary sources and investigative reporting on issues of public interest. Therefore, the publication seeks for the truth and publishes it the way it is without bias. The concept is unique in approach and varieties. It is a weekly magazine with daily breaking news. It reports African environments and beyond.

Apart from the Conventional and “Breaking News”, the publication features educative events of the past decades. This is captured to refresh the memory value of aged and improves the intellectual capacity of new generations. The publisher guarantees that the time utilized for reading the work as a time not wasted, but acquiring knowledge and wisdom at a leisure time at no cost. More so, one is online for “Facts not Fictions”. You are welcome on board.


The Vision is to become a world class leading digital magazine by disseminating credible, accurate, timely and dependable news with unlimited free access to every reader in compliance with the global policy on “Free Flow of Information”.


Apart from the breaking news and current affairs, it is the mission of “TopSearch Digital News” adding value to human social and economic existence by featurising some historical events of decades and also becoming a unique leader in investigative reporting.


TopSearch News adopts the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists as the Core Principles of the publication. The adopted principles are here summarized.
•Seek Truth and Report it
•Minimize Harm
•Act Independently